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Сочинение на английском языке про Москву

Moscow is known all ower the world because it is capital of the most powerful states on the Earth. It is the political, economic, scientific and cultural heart of Russia. More than 8000000 people live in Moscow.

The Kremlin of Moscow is the symbol of the Russian politics because all main oficial organisations are situated here. The Mausoleum, the Grand Kremlin palace, the State Kremlin palace and the President's residence are on the territory of the Kremlin. The towers of the Kremlin are the simbol of Russia, especially the Spasskaya Tower. The building of the Assembly of Federation is also situated in Moscow.

Moscow was founded centuries ago. In 1156 the fortress was reinforced by prince Yuri Dolgoruky. By and by the settlement became bigger and more powerful. In the 13-th century Moscow became the capital of the Moscow principality as a centre of the struggle of the Russian lands against the Tatar yoke. Next time St.Pitersburg became the capital. But after the October revolution Moscow became the capital again. The battle of Moscow was one of the most important fights of World War II.

Moscow is now one of the most important centres of culture and scince. There are more than 70 educational and research institutes and universities in Moscow, including the greatest Moscow state university named after Lomonosov. Several greatest Russian libraries, including the State library named after Lenin and oth. are in Moscow.

There are more than 80 museums in this city. For example Oruzheynaya Palata. It's one of the oldest and richest museums.

The Tcar bell and the Tcar cannon are examples of scills of Russian craftsmen.
The State Tretyakov Gallery ia the greatest museum of Russian art, one of the world's leading museum.
The historical museum is the main museum of the State history.
There are the numerous churches and cathedrals in Moskow.

Cочинение на английском - про Москву с перевдом

Places of Interest in Moscow
Moscow is the biggest city of Russia and its capital. The city is situated on the Moskva River and was found more than 800 years ago. Nowadays, Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It houses many attractive parks and squares, great architectural wonders and countless places of interest. Special attention is always put to the city center, as there are the most famous sights. Among them, the outstanding Kremlin and the Red Square, the Bolshoi and the Maly Theaters, Saint Basil's Cathedral, the Historical Museum, the Armoury Chamber and many others.

In the very heart of the capital one can find the Historical Museum and the Armoury chamber. Both these museums can tell more about Russian history than any other place. One of the newest and most famous religious sights in Moscow is The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. It’s situated on the bank of the Moskva River and is known as the tallest Orthodox church in the world. The view of Christ the Saviour’s Cathedral strikes imagination with its grandeur and magnificence. Other than that, Moscow has a great number of famous parks, squares, theaters, monuments, streets and concert halls. Undoubtedly, Moscow is a very special city.

Достопримечательности Москвы
Москва является крупнейшим городом России, и её столицей. Город расположен на Москве-реке и был основан более 800 лет тому назад. На сегодняшний день, Москва является одним из красивейших городов в мире. Она вмещает много заманчивых парков и площадей, великие архитектурные чудеса и бесчисленные достопримечательности. Особое внимание всегда устремлено на центр города, так как там расположены самые знаменитые достопримечательности. Среди них, выдающиеся Кремль и Красная площадь, Большой и Малый театры, Храм Василия Блаженного, Исторический музей, Оружейная палата и многие другие.

В самом центре столицы можно найти Исторический музей и Оружейную палату. Оба эти музея могут рассказать о русской истории больше, чем какое-либо другое место. Одной из новейших и самых знаменитых религиозных достопримечательностей в Москве является Храм Христа Спасителя. Он расположен на берегу Москвы-реки и известен как самая высокая православная церковь в мире. Вид Храма Христа Спасителя поражает воображение своим величием и великолепием. Помимо этого, в Москве есть огромное количество знаменитых парков, площадей, театров, памятников, улиц и концертных залов. Несомненно, Москва является особенным городом.

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