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Сочинение на английском языке кем я восхищаюсь

People Admired
Everyone has role models while growing up and most people's role models continue to play an inspirational part in their lives until they die. There have been so many people in my life that have helped to mold my character. It is amazing the wide variety of people I admire in my life. My admired are comprised of many influential beings. Narrowing down the list of admired people in my life to ten was a very strenuous activity. Though the list is varied all ten of these people have one similarity which is that they continue to encourage me to better my lifestyle.

Inside the group of ten people I hold in highest regard there are three women. The important women in my life almost all play the same role. The three women all happen to be members of my family. Sense they are all members of my family they were responsible for instilling values into me and setting a positive example for me. All of them have had success in their work fields and have so far had a very successful life. Of course the fact that these three people are women means that they tend to be more concerned with my feelings and emotions. My mom, grandmother, and my sister are always the people I run to when I am struggling in life and need moral support.

Being that I am a typical male the majority of my list of most respected people happen to be male. All of the males in my group are over the age thirty. The bulk of the males in my list are classified as middle aged men. Two of the men In my list are considered to be senior citizens. The males that are encompassed in my list are what gives my list its variety.

Three of the individuals in my list are considered to be celebrities whom I do not personally know. It is only through the media and hobby that our paths have crossed. Two of the stars happen to be athletes. My soccer coach also happens to be one of the people I admire the most.

Сочинение на английском - кем я восхищаюсь с переводом

Who I Admire
I think that every person admires someone. In fact, it is useful to look up to someone with good qualities or worthy deeds. Most young people find idols in cinema or music sphere, but my hero is a public figure, who has changed to better lives of many people in his country. It’s Nelson Mandela. He was a South African anti-apartheid politician and philanthropist. Before the abrogation of apartheid South Africa was a horrible to live. The country was characterized by conflict, unspeakable suffering and inconceivable injustice. Society was in deep crisis and discrimination ruled everywhere.

People, who didn’t have white color of skin, were underprivileged in any sphere of life, including education, medicine, political voice and any other human rights. Apartheid was disassembled in 1994 with the first democratic president elections, when Nelson Mandela won the campaign. He was the President of South Africa for five years, during which his government constantly fought racism, poverty and inequality. He was also the President of the African National Congress for eight years. I admire this man’s courage and yearning for justice. I know that he spent 27 years of his life in prison. However, he didn’t get dispirited, he didn’t lose faith in himself and his ideas. On the contrary, he rose through his work and he never wavered in his devotion to equality. He went through terrible provocations, but never answered racism with racism.

Everybody in his country knew that this peaceful transition from inhumane conditions to egalitarian society was Nelson Mandela’s achievement. Soon he became a role model for the whole country and a favorite leader of all times. Even today after his death in 2013, he is well-remembered and respected.

Кем я восхищаюсь?
Я думаю, что каждый человек восхищается кем-либо. Уважать чьи-то хорошие качества или достойные поступки, на самом деле, полезно. Большинство молодых людей находят кумиров в области кино или музыки, но моим героем является общественный деятель, который изменил к лучшему жизни многих людей в своей стране. Это Нельсон Мандела. Он был южноафриканским борцом против апартеида, политиком и филантропом. До отмены апартеида в Южной Африке было ужасно жить. Страна характеризовалась конфликтными ситуациями, неописуемыми страданиями и немыслимой несправедливостью. Общество находилось в глубоком кризисе, и повсюду царила дискриминация.

Люди, у которых не было белого цвета кожи, были обделены в любой сфере жизни, будь то образование, медицина, политический голос и любые другие права человека. Апартеид был снят в 1994 году с первыми демократичными выборами президента, когда Нельсон Мандела выиграл кампанию. Он был президентом ЮАР на протяжении пяти лет, в течение которых его правительство постоянно боролось с расизмом, бедностью и неравенством. Он был также президент Африканского национального конгресса в течение восьми лет. Я восхищаюсь мужеством этого человека и его стремлением к справедливости. Я знаю, что он провел 27 лет своей жизни в тюрьме. Тем не менее, он не пал духом, не потерял веру в себя и свои идеи. Напротив, он рос благодаря своей работе, и он никогда не колебался в своей преданности равенству. Он прошел через страшные провокации, но никогда не отвечал расизмом на расизм.

Все в его стране знали, что это мирный переход от нечеловеческих условий к равноправному обществу был достижением Нельсона Манделы. Вскоре он стал образцом подражания для всей страны и любимым вождем всех времен. Даже сегодня, после его смерти в 2013 году, его хорошо помнят и уважают.

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