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Сочинение на английском языке про новый год

What is New Year's?
Does everyone celebrate the New Year? Does the celebration fall in the same day each year? I think New Year's is a holiday that everyone celebrates but will not be celebrated on the same day of each year. For instance, in my country, Vietnam, New Year's day is different from the American New Year because we don't go by the American calendar. We go by the Chinese calendar. Usually my New Year's celebration is in Mid-January or February; while the Laotians' New Year is in April. The youngsters especially look forward to this ceremony because each one receives a small sum of money wrapped in the traditional red envelope. On these days we eat special cakes that we don't eat during regular days. It is called sticky rice cake " Banh Chung"?. The American New Year is not a significant celebration as the Vietnamese New Year which focuses on traditions, customs, and religious aspects important to all Vietnamese.

Traditionally, the Vietnamese New year is the lunar New Year Festival. It is the most important Vietnamese holiday, and it is called " Tet Nguyen Dan"?. It is a celebration which combines the excitement of the Fourth of July, thanksgiving, Christmas and the beginning of spring as well as the New Year. The traditional Vietnamese calendar runs in cycles of twelve years. A genie, in the form of an animal figure, dominates each year. They are in the following order: mouse, buffalo, tiger, cat, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, cock, dog, and hog. As the old year gives way to the new year, the ruling genie quietly bows out to the next genie. To recognize its importance, Vietnamese ancestors invented many rituals, rules and regulations in its honor.

Сочинение на английском - про новый год с переводом

New Year’s Day
My name is Eva. I am 13 years old. New Year is considered the most popular holiday in our family. At the beginning of December everybody has a festive mood. In the city the streets and shop windows are decorated with bright and motley garlands. A huge Christmas tree is put at the main square. We begin to prepare for the holiday. We buy Christmas-tree decorations, tinsel and gifts for each other at New Year’s fairs. At the end of December we put artificial Christmas tree and decorate it for the holiday.

I help my mother to prepare a festive table on December 31. New Year’s Eve always seems to me magical and unforgettable. At midnight after president’s appearance on television chiming clock begins to strike. We wish each other a happy New Year and make a wish and then exchange gifts. When I was a child I found the gifts under the Christmas tree and I thought that Santa Claus had brought them. Although I’m already adult and I don’t believe that Santa Claus exists, on New Year’s Eve I want to find myself in the dream and to believe in a miracle.

Новый год
Меня зовут Ева. Мне 13 лет. В нашей семье самым любимым праздником считается Новый год. В начале декабря у всех появляется праздничное настроение. В городе украшают улицы и витрины магазинов яркими, разноцветными гирляндами. А на главной площади устанавливают огромную ёлку. Мы начинаем готовиться к празднику. На новогодних ярмарках покупаем друг другу подарки, ёлочные игрушки и мишуру. В конце декабря дома устанавливаем искусственную ёлку и наряжаем её к празднику.

31 декабря я помогаю маме приготовить праздничный стол. Новогодняя ночь кажется мне всегда волшебной и незабываемой. В полночь, после выступления президента по телевизору, начинают бить куранты. Мы поздравляем друг друга с новым годом и загадываем желание, а потом обмениваемся подарками. Когда я была маленькая, то подарки находила под ёлкой и думала, что их мне принёс Дед Мороз. И хоть я уже взрослая, и не верю, что существует Дед Мороз, но в новогоднюю ночь хочется оказаться в сказке и поверить в чудо.

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