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Сочинение на английском языке - моя работа

It is true that people work in order to receive money. But do they have other reasons to work? I strongly believe that money is not the only one goal which forces us to get a job. In my view, people also work because they need a social environment and because at work they can develop their skills and realized their wishes.

First of all, people need to be around other people because we are social creatures. In fact, a person always belongs to a particular social group throughout his life – a kindergarten, a school, and finally, a work. A job means not only working but also interacting with others, sharing, gossiping, even making friends. Also I have some friends who would like to stay at home and depend on their spouses or relatives, they are more likely an exception not a rule. As for me, even though I like and need vacations and holidays, I am getting bored if I don't have my work for a long time. Moreover, two of my best friends I met at work.

Besides, work is an important tool of developing a person's character. It gives us an opportunity to apply and develop our skills, to broad our minds and, the most important, through our job we often are able to realize our dreams. For example, I always enjoyed mathematics in school and in the university because I have an analytical mind. It was my favorite subject and I always had excellent grades. As a result, after I had graduated I chose a job in this field and started to work as an economist. I not only use my mathematical skill in my job but also I have got a chance to improve my knowledge and learn new things which is very exciting and makes me love my job. There are many other examples why people like their job. One of my friends can not imagine her life without her work because she adores animals and she works as a veterinarian. She often told me that she her work is more a hobby for her because all these cats and dogs make her very happy. Also, she can not have a pet at home because her husband has an allergy so her work makes her dream become true.

In conclusion, even though money is an important reason why people go for work, it is not the only one. In my opinion, people also work because they need a social environment and because they need to realize themselves.

Сочинение на английском - работа с переводом

Work is an integral part of our life. Without work people get bored and insecure. Money is not the only reason why people work. Many professions need to be developed and justified over a period of time. For example, when teachers, doctors, artists, composers don’t work for a long time they start losing their skills. When they do work, they develop their creative abilities and establish themselves in society. To be honest for many people work means only a source of income. People work to fend for themselves and to support their families. They work long hours and endure tight schedules. It is certainly bad. When someone doesn’t like what he is doing, sooner or later he gets stressed or depressed.

I don’t think that someone can be successful at work without taking pride in what he does. People who really enjoy their occupation seem to be always happy. They can work all day long spending hours to explore new ideas. To be out of work for a long time makes such people sad and lonesome. They lose not only mass attention and respect but also their self-esteem. Basically, unemployment for these people is devastating.

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to find a good job. Many companies look for highly-experienced and professional staff. Thus, young specialists, who have just graduated from universities, stay without work. They lack knowledge and experience, that’s why their chances to find a proper job are low. However, they should not get upset. Instead they should try to volunteer or to participate in internship programs. This way they can gain necessary skills and experience.

Работа является неотъемлемой частью нашей жизни. Без работы людям становится скучно и безнадежно. Деньги не являются единственной причиной, почему люди работают. Многие профессии должны развиваться и обосноваться с течением времени. Например, когда учителя, врачи, художники, композиторы не работают в течение длительного времени, они начинают терять свои навыки. Когда они работают, они развивают свои творческие способности и занимают свое место в обществе. Честно говоря, для многих людей работа означает только источник дохода. Люди работают, чтобы содержать себя и чтобы прокормить свои семьи. Они много работают, и терпят плотный график. Это, конечно, плохо. Если кому-то не нравится то, что он делает, рано или поздно у него начинается стресс или депрессия.

Я не думаю, что кто-то может быть успешным на работе, если не будет гордиться тем, что делает. Люди, которым действительно нравится их занятие, кажутся всегда счастливыми. Они могут работать в течение всего дня, тратя время на исследование новых идей. Оставаясь без работы в течение долгого времени, такие люди становятся грустными и одинокими. Они теряют не только массовое внимание и уважение, но и свою самооценку. В принципе, безработица для этих людей является разрушительной.

В настоящее время, нелегко найти хорошую работу. Многие компании ищут довольно опытных и профессиональных сотрудников. Таким образом, молодые специалисты, которые только что закончили вузы, остаются без работы. Им не хватает знаний и опыта, поэтому их шансы найти подходящую работу низки. Тем не менее, они не должны расстраиваться. Вместо этого они должны пытаться делать добровольческую работу или участвовать в программах стажировок. Таким образом, они могут получить необходимые навыки и опыт.

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