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Сочинение на английском языке про друга

Friends I have had
As everyone knows, friendship is one of the most important things in our lives. Sometimes we cannot live without friends. According to relationship, we have to make friendship with good friends to get benefits. On other hand, we have to be optimistic although we have some bad friends in our lives and we have no idea about them. However, I can divide my friends into three groups: honest friends, successful friends, and motivated friends. The purpose for the classification depends on my society.

My honest friends are always with me whatever happens to me or wherever I am, and that makes them honest friends. In addition, they always say the truth and help me when I need help. Therefore, I spend a lot of time with them more than anyone else. One other thing I love in my honest friends is they always ask me about my health, my education, and all other things. For instance, "A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling". By Arthur Brisbane, The Book of Today. In my view, friends should be honest to each other, no matter how hurtful things can be.

Second group of my friends is successful friends group. Actually, they almost do good things. They study hard and try to save their own time. I hope I spend a lot of time with them to learn new and useful things. Furthermore, they always advice me and convince me to do useful things. We all like to have friends, but there is an old saying you can never have too many friends. Unfortunately, I have a few of them in my lives. I think successful friends are the best friends because we always get benefits from accompanying them.

Last group of my friends is motivated friends group. Of course, they always motivated me to do new things. Unfortunately, sometimes we make mistakes together. They always want to spend a lot of time with me because they like me, no doubt, I like them, too. We always have fun when we meet together. I almost meet them everywhere such as school, gym,...etc. Other important things within them are they motivate me to do eneral things and motivate me to leave general things. In fact, that doesn't make sense and looking strange for me. However, I think all of us have to be careful with motivated friends. They can motivate us to do marvelous things. Conversely, they can motivate us to do horrible things.

Finally, whatever friends I have had, I always like to spend a lot of time with them. I think some of them are not good, but I still love them because of our friendship. In comparison, they are so different, but all of them have something and useful things. In addition, I think I will get a new group of friends. They will be international friends. I don't know if they will be honest friends, successful friends, or motivated friends, but I know they will be not from my home country. To sum up, I advice earnestly to protect our friends. Also, it is not necessary to carry a lot about their mistakes because all of us make mistakes. We just want to remember there is no one perfect.

Сочинение на английском про друзей с переводом

My friend
My name is Pasha. I’m 13 years old. I’m in the sixth grade. I have a lot of friends but I want to tell about my best friend. His name is Alexander. He’s my school-mate. Sasha is cheerful, inquisitive and kind. He is very responsive. He will help me in hour of need. I always can rely on him.

Sasha goes to sports school. He is very tall that’s why he goes in for basketball. On weekends we play football or cycle. Sometimes we go fishing and fish crucians. Also he is fond of playing computer games and watching horror films. His favourite films are “Saw” and “Scream”. We often go to the cinema. Sasha is true friend. My father says that I’m lucky because I have so reliable and true friend. I value our friendship.

Мой друг
Меня зовут Павел. Мне 13 лет. Я учусь в шестом классе. У меня много друзей, но я хочу рассказать о своём лучшем друге. Его зовут Александр. Он учится со мной в одном классе. Саша весёлый, любознательный и добрый. Он очень отзывчивый. В трудную минуту придёт на помощь. Я всегда могу на него положиться.

Саша ходит в спортивную школу. Он очень высокого роста, поэтому занимается баскетболом. В выходные мы любим с ним играть в футбол или кататься на велосипедах. Иногда ходим на рыбалку и ловим там карасей. Ещё он любит играть в компьютерные игры и смотреть фильмы ужасов. Его самые любимые фильмы « Пила» и «Крик». Мы часто ходим с ним в кинотеатр. Саша настоящий друг. Мой папа говорит, что мне повезло, раз у меня есть такой верный и надёжный друг. Я дорожу нашей дружбой.

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