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Сочинение на английском как я провел лето

Summer Season
We count six seasons in India. Summer is one of them. It is the hot season. It rules over May and June.

The earth moves round the sun. The part of it, which comes nearer the sun, gets the summer season. Because here the sun's rays are straight and direct.

In summer, everything is neat and clean. The earth is dry. Hence, there is no mud or marsh. Ways and paths are open to very place. Mangoes ripe in summer. We get plenty of mangoes. we get jack-fruits and pineapples. The shady groves of mango and palm trees are cool and beautiful. The cuckoo has not yet ceased to sing her music. The grass-hoppers make their merry dance on the cool blades of grass.

In Summer, the days are long. Hence we get more times to work. Even in summer comes last. So, the school-children got more times to play. The Summer flowers bloom in the evening. All the night they speared their sweet smell. The summer sky is clear and blue. Hence, the moon beams bright. Summer causes the rainy seasons. Because it evaporated water and stores the vapors in the atmosphere. These vapors turn into clouds and fall as rain.

At mid-day in summer, people suffer from a terrible heat. The weak and the old man die of sun-strokes. People feel tired and thirsty. There bodies perspire. Sweat comes out and flows down their bodies. They feel restless. Summer-boils trouble the children. Water tanks and wells go dry; so also river and canals. People do not get water to drink. Dogs pant with their tongues flowing. Trees go bald and creepers fade away. grasses dry off. So, cows do not get the pasture. All suffer from scarcity of water. Mid-day is very hot. The dumb cattle lie in groves. The silent birds hide in their nests. They weary travelers are parched by the scorching rays of the sun. They rest under the wayside trees.

Summer is the first in order of the seasons. It gives rise to four months of rain. Hence, we cannot blame it. Let us pay our due homage to summer.

Cочинение на английском - мои летние каникулы с переводом

How I spent my summer holidays
My name is Misha. I’m 14 years old. My favourite season is summer. My holidays began and it’s not necessary to wake up early and go to school. In June of this year I had a rest in the sports training camp. The time I spent there was very interesting and joyous. I made new friends and learnt much. We played football and volleyball. We were taught how to condition us to the cold. We had a shower bath every morning. When my father saw me he said that I’d grown up. In July I spent time with my grandmother and grandfather in their village.

My grandfather went fishing and to the forest to gather mushrooms and berries with me. He taught me how to recognize edible mushrooms and orientate in the forest. I helped my grandmother with housekeeping every day. In the evenings I read books or went for a walk with my friends. In August my parents took a month’s holiday and we went to have a rest to the South together. Every day we sunbathed and swam in the sea. The weather was wonderful. We went to watch waterfalls and we were at lake in mountains. I spent my summer well and I was full of impressions.

Как я провёл лето
Меня зовут Михаил. Мне 14 лет. Лето - моё любимое время года. Начинаются каникулы и не надо рано вставать и идти в школу. В этом году в июне месяце я отдыхал в спортивном лагере. Там было очень весело и интересно. Я нашёл много новых друзей и многому научился. Мы играли в футбол и волейбол. Нас учили правильно закаляться. Каждое утро мы обливались холодной водой. Когда папа меня увидел, сказал, что я очень повзрослел. Июль я провёл в деревне у бабушки с дедушкой.

С дедом мы ходили на рыбалку и в лес за грибами и ягодами. Он научил меня распознавать съедобные грибы и ориентироваться в лесу. Каждый день я помогал бабушке по хозяйству. А вечерами читал книги или просто гулял с друзьями. В августе у родителей начался отпуск, и мы вместе поехали отдыхать на юг. Целыми днями мы загорали и купались в море. Погода была замечательная. Мы ездили смотреть водопады и посетили горное озеро. Лето я провёл замечательно, у меня осталось очень много хороших впечатлений.

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